Dragonfly Preschool


Through the Dragonfly Experiential Learning Programme,  we strive to foster our children to be Caring, Independent and Confident (CIC).

At Dragonfly, our programmes designed 
to link the children to the world they are living through exploration,  discovery and experience of knowledge, not just academically, but in other major areas of life as well.
We foster the development of ethical and responsible behaviours by cultivating good values that should be possessed by the children. Besides that, your child is learning a wide range of skills and abilities to excel in life.    

Therefore , our programmes, environment and facilities, tools and resources are designed based on thematic approach so that in link to our vision, we will be able to achieve the desired learning outcomes in each area of skills.
What is Thematic approach then?

Thematic approach in teaching and learning , is an approach where various areas of the required skills are connected under a common theme in the curriculum. It is mainly to help the children in achieving a higher order of learning skills.

Our curriculum has been designed by our innovative and passionate R&D Team to develop programmes that will allow the children to acquire a broad range of skills. The children will apply these skills and knowledge they have learnt to prepare them for life beyond school.