We believe…

Every child is special and unique.

Every child has potential.
In short, we believe that every child has the potential to be the best he can be. By preserving the excitement and wonder of childhood, children will experience the joy of learning.

At Dragonfly , we aim to develop each child into a well-balanced individual through engaging environment that support children’s curiosity and wonder; that engage children and that offer them a wide range of materials to work in purposefully designed learning areas.

Through enriching activities and play, we develop early skills in inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  

Dragonfly has been established to provide a happy, safe and creative environment that contributes to the development of the whole person.

Our caring and professional teachers nurture and inspire children with a love for learning and the confidence to explore their world.
Dragonfly integrates Montessori and Thematic approaches as its teaching approaches in addition to national curriculum. 

Thematic approach is a way of learning whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme.  It allows learning to be natural and literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked. The benefits of thematic approach are children will have fun, they will be more actively involved and through this approach, it helps to develop a child’s logic thinking and problem solving skills. Thus the child will be more confident and motivated.
Montessori approach allows the children to explore freely and initiate self-learning. An area is set within the classroom whereby a variety of specific supplies or educational materials are stored in a way that is easily accessible to the children.  Children can work independently in these corners and they are free to explore, observe and engage with these activities in the learning corners.
Dragonfly ‘s  rigorous, innovative curriculum offers many learner-centric benefits to children through experiences that are holistically, creatively, technologically and academically-enriched. Through our cutting-edge pedagogy which focuses on problem-based learning, the learning outcomes ensure children develop to become active communicators, inquirers and researchers, creative and critical thinkers.
I was born in a poor family. When I was young, my parents couldn't afford to send me to kindergarten. Due to this, I am very envious of other children who have the opportunity to attend kindergarten.  Therefore, I cherish every opportunity for learning.

This regret has also become my dream that is to start a kindergarten when I grow up so that children can learn and grow in a loving, stimulating and creative environment.

In 2003, the first Dragonfly preschool was established.  Dragonfly has become the franchisor in year 2014. 

Now, Dragonfly has 26 branches across Malaysia. 
Meet Our Team

Foster children to be caring, confident, and independent to become future leaders.


Develop a stimulating learning environment.
Parents as co-educators for children.

Teachers continuously learn and teach creatively & innovatively.

Link the children to the world they are living.

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2-6 years old
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