Dragonfly Preschool

Basically, there are three categories of preschool :
1.  Traditional approach (3Rs)  
       *  reading, writing, arithmetic
       *  prepare for Primary Education

2.  Play based learning approach
       *  play/activities/projects

3.  3Rs + Play based 



We believe that every child is special and each one learns differently. We also believe children learn best through hands-on activities.
Therefore, our  programmes designed to link the children to the world they are living through exploration, discovery and experience of knowledge, not just academically, but in other major areas of life.

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Dragonfly KiddyLand Programme
Dragonfly The Champs Programme


In this competitive and challenging business world, many early childhood entrepreneurs face the challenges in terms of :

We have gone through all the frontiers of challenges and hardships when establishing a new business, but you are NOT going to repeat and experience what we have experienced before.
With Dragonfly, a trustworthy and respected brand in the market, we will give you peace of mind to grow together and to get rid of all the above-specified challenges.

At Dragonfly, we have our passionate and innovative R&D team who will continuously develop new programs and creative teaching materials to ensure the children having the best learning experience.
Your teachers will be competently  be trained to teach creatively as well as to engage the children with interactive activities, as we will ensure that they will regularly get necessary training each year. 

From the initiation, we will assist you in site selections and procedural application of permit for the license from the authorities.
Day to day operations is guided by a comprehensive Operations Manual which consist of :

We have our creative marketing team who will plan and execute a series of marketing campaigns to create brand awareness. Professional marketing and promotional materials will be designed by our competent and skilled marketing team members. 

In succeeding of an opened and running of the Dragonfly Centre, you will then acquire business support where we will have a regular Centre Audit and coaching support to maintain your teachers’ teaching quality and to ensure a smooth running of daily operation.

If you are immensely passionate in nurturing children, running a Dragonfly Centre could be an opportunity for you to fulfil your dreams and it is never a reverie for embarking with Dragonfly team.

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