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Pre-Nursery Program (2 - 3 Years)

Our Pre-Nursery Program, has been specially designed by specialists in child development and early childhood education, to promote the development of the whole child. At Dragonfly, your child will spend A Quality Day Every Day!

The “Learning Through Play” approach encourages self-expression and creativity through meaningful programs like Music & Creative movements, Art Attack and a variety of language activities in Joy with Phonics & English and Mandarin such as songs, stories and rhymes.

Easy Practical Life, Physical activities are aimed at developing a child’s fine and gross motor skills. The child will feel ‘good’ about himself as he increases in strength, ability to control and manipulate his body.

He develops a greater sense of well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Children are best learning through their five senses. This is why Easy Sensorial activities have been carefully planned into their curriculum.



Nursery and Kindergarten Program (4-6 years)

We provide a comprehensive and balanced preschool curriculum to develop

our young ones’ potential. Besides introducing Music & Creative movements,

Art Attack and a variety of language activities in Joy with Phonics & English ,

Pintar Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, we introduce Joy with Numbers which

uses a meaningful and concrete way to acquire mathematical concepts through

hands-on learning and common materials from the child’s environment.

The Little Scientist Program creates the opportunities for our children to experience in wonderful world of

science which will enable our children to develop inquiry skills e.g. observing, classifying, experimenting, predicting

and problem solving.

While learning the basics in language and math, Dragonfly uses Technology Integrated Learning to enhance

children’s creativity through the use of computers. This is children use specially selected software that give

them a technological head start.


Primary School Care Program (7-12 years)

Dragonfly’s student care is committed to providing children with quality student care in a safe learning environment.

Besides homework supervision and tutorials, students also engage in organized activities, hobby-based projects and

educational field trips.





Open-Ended Learning Approach

An area set within the classroom where a variety of specific supplies or educational materials are stored in a way that is easily accessible to the students.

This approach is enables children to explore freely and initiate learning.

Students can work independently in these corners and they are free to explore, observe and engage with these activities in the learning corners.




Other Programs

Dragonfly program is balanced with other enrichment programs which enhances the development of each child’s potential.

  • Art Class
  • DIY Clay Class
  • Mental Arithmetic Class
  • Kids Dance
  • Kids Drama Class
  • Mandarin Tuition Class
  • Holiday Little Scientist Camp
  • Holiday Fun Cooking Class
  • Holiday Art & Craft Class

  • Nursery / Kindergarten Program
  • Full Day care Program
  • Half Day Care Program
  • Extra Enrichment Programs
  • Ziyo Full Brain Development Course
  • Holiday Programs